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Is your pet fighting bothersome fleas?

Flea and tick infestations are horrible.  They make your pet and you miserable with constant discomfort, itchiness, allergic reactions as well as carrying many serious diseases.

When your pet has fleas and ticks, so do you.  Fleas reproduce at alarming rates and will infest your home.  If you notice red, itchy bumps, especially around your ankles, you may have fleas in your home

Grooms By Leah offers professional service to treat your flea or tick problem and uses modern technology to combat this age old problem.

We offer a safe and fast acting flea and tick treatment. We have learned that fleas and ticks may cause a variety of problems in your pet. Fleas feed on animal blood and can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, anemia and great discomfort in your pet as well as in your household.

In warmer seasons, your pet loves to run outdoors and play around in the grass. However, fleas and ticks are a common consequence, which is why we are always equipped with the most effective and name-brand treatments.

Say goodbye to constant itching.

Your pet deserves the best in flea and tick solutions, so naturally you would want to give them the best. Offering a consistently-full stock of name-brand solutions you trust, we are your one-stop-shop to relive your pet of pesky invaders.

* Frontline flea and tick

* Advantage flea and tick

* Fleas upon grooming

We recommend to keep your pet healthy. Parasites have a less of an effect on strong healthy animals and they thrive on pets who are unhealthy and/or have weak immune systems. Remember that healthy animals recover faster from illness and in the case of getting fleas and ticks, will rarely get sick.

Not only do fleas and ticks cause you and your pet to itch and scratch, they also can be carriers for dangerous diseases. Lyme disease – from ticks – can affect both you and your pet. Fleas are carriers of parasites like tapeworms..

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We offer effective and low-cost flea and tick treatments to give your pet the relief they need.

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