Ear Cleaning

Ear Cleaning

Healthy ears are a very important part of your pet’s well being.

Grooms By Leah offers quality Ear Cleaning services for your pet, as necessary.

Cleaning your pet’s ears is very important. This should be a part of your weekly routine to maintain your pet’s health. If you have questions or are unsure of how to clean their ears, please ask one of our staff members to teach you.

When pets are brought in for grooming we check the ears to ensure there are no problems such as ear infections. While bathing we clean out the ear using name-brand products . We pluck the hairs on the inner ear to let the ear breath.

Your pet’s ears should be checked regularly for wax buildup or parasite/ear mite infections.  If we notice any abnormalities in your pet’s ear, we will perform Ear Flush, which is a deep cleaning of the ear canal.Our amazing pet care experts will thoroughly check and clean your pet’s ears, using cleaning solutions and ear swabs.  They will remove any irritants, such as ear mites and wax.

We also do a deeper cleansing Ear Flush which will remove hair from their ears, When necessary, they will use an antibiotic solution and massage   the ears to loosen and remove infections, mites and allergies.

If your pet repeatedly shakes its head or scratches at its ears and the ears are red, inflamed and irritated, they will need to be cleaned out and   an antibiotic/yeast/cortisone medication applied.

Ear care for a pet is an extremely important part of their overall health care. A build up in your pet’s ears will encourage bacteria growth and yeast to prosper and run wild. Because different breeds are more prone to issues with their ears, it’s important to talk to an expert at Grooms By Leah about the best plan for keeping your pet healthy.

Ears filled with pus, yeast, hair, grass must be completely cleaned before treatment with ear ointment can begin. Otherwise, the ointment will not come in contact with the skin surface where the infection is happening.

In over half of the cases this must be done under anesthesia using special instruments to grab and remove the debris in the ear canal. Occasionally, the ear drum is not intact and infection extends to the middle ear.

Ear and general skin allergies are common problems.  If your pet continually itches and scratches its ears or skin, contact us at 512-528-1718 about an allergy examination and appropriate treatment options.

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